This is a new program we are offering this year for the serious QB. This is a program designed specifically to educate the QB in areas that are needed to be successful. They will learn leadership, offensive, and defensive scheme, and will have their mechanics evaluated. They will also receive our QB Arm Care program that they can use year round. The Lab meets once a week for two hours in a classroom environment with no more than 10 QB’s for 4 weeks. They will learn from different HS & College Coaches from the area. They will also get the opportunity to learn the pass concept in 360 virtual reality from our VAR system. If you’re serious about becoming a complete QB this program is for you.

Coach Harper teaching – this is not field drills – it’s specifically designed to take the QB deeper in their understaning of the position and educate them on what they need to know.
Each QB will receive a playbook with the concept they are learning, a defensive recognition manual, & our arm care program. This playbook will build week to week.
QB’s will be asked to get on the board and teach the concept.
College/High School QB’s training on the VAR system.
Coach AJ Smith of Jackson State University teaching a concept to a QB who traveled to use the VAR & learn from a college coach.

QB’s will have their mechanics analyzed & feedback provided with drills for adjustments.