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Training Options

Become members and join the Gunslinger Quarterback Academy today. We have several options that are designed for players of all ages and experience. All workouts are filmed and a brief highlight video from each week will be posted on the website and all forms of social media. All memberships must be paid before the first workout. Plans can be negotiated. Forms of payment: cash, check, credit/debit card, or Paypal.

Private Session - 30 minutes p/session

Private Session - 30 minutes

  • Mechanics & Footwork
  • QB specific drills
  • Video analysis of workout
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Semi - Private Session - 60 minutes p/Session

Private Session - 60 minutes (pay at each Session)

  • Mechanics & Footwork drills
  • Progression will be determined by the QB session to session
  • Position specific drills
  • Arm care program
  • Video analysis of workout
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Group Training with QB's & WR's (2 hours) p/Session

  • Mechanics
  • Footwork
  • Position specific drills
  • Live throwing session
  • Arm care program
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QB Lab January - March

  • Classroom Format
  • Learn from College/HS Coaches
  • Learn Pass concepts & Defensive Schemes
  • Mechancis Analysis
  • VAR Training
  • Field Testing
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*The National average for private QB training from youth to high school age athletes is $120/session. You won’t find private teaching cheaper, close to home, and we are the only private QB training academy in Shreveport/Bossier.