Coaching Methods

Gunslinger Quarterback Academy exist to prepare QB’s of all ages how to play the toughest position in sports. The concepts we teach will have the QB’s advanced in knowledge of playing the position.

It’s designed for all ages from the beginner to the senior in high school (5-18 years old). There are 3 options for training: QB Lab, Group Training, & limited private sessions. The sessions will focus on throwing mechanics & analysis, footwork, pass concepts, & coverage recognition.

What the QB will learn:

01. Leadership Skills.

Being the quarterback of a team is a great responsibility. You have to know everything that is going on in the game and make the right calls at crucial times. We are here to help you to understand how to be a better leader for your team and ensure that your offense is running smoothly.

02. Proper Footwork.

Footwork is imperative to being an accurate passer. Many of the drills we use not only develop the QB as an accurate passer but also increases mobility and foot speed. The overall goal is to take the mechanics we teach and the footwork drills and build a fundamentally sound QB from the ground up.

03. Proper Throwing Mechanics.

The mechanics of throwing a football is the starting point to playing the position. Our goal is to make sure that the QB is taught the correct form from the grip, proper base, to the load phase, to the position of the elbow and wrist, to the follow through. We begin every practice with warm-up drills that reinforce proper throwing mechanics.

04. Reading Defenses.

QB’s will learn how to read defenses from fronts, to blitzes, to coverage. Most QB’s have no clue how to read a defense when they get to middle school and in many cases high school. We focus on teaching the QB’s ways to recognize specific coverages and fronts and what play concepts work against certain coverages. This is advanced QB play and is taught both on the field and in the classroom.

05. Pass Concepts.

Pass concepts are taught so that our QB’s have a basic knowledge of how concepts are packaged to attack specific coverages that a defense may use. With every concept we teach how to recognize what coverage the defense is in pre & post snap. 

06. Learning To Breakdown Film.

Being a quarterback doesn’t just happen on the field, but off the field as well. Knowing how to pick apart game footage will show how you respond in game situations as well as your receivers. Learning to pick apart game film will cancel out any mistakes to come in the future as well.

Extra:  VAR systems – virtual reality training.

We offer the most advanced QB training available with our VR Training system. QB’s will learn how to read coverage through a game speed 3D virtual reality training session. 

“To be a great quarterback, you have to have great leadership, great attention to detail, & a relentless competitive nature.”

- Russell Wilson